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Carme Fernández Vidal (Palma de Mallorca, 1970). Composer. She holds a Ph. D. from the University of Balearic Islands with the dissertation entitled “Comparative study of three didactic proposals concerning non tonal counterpoint in the twentieth-century: Julien Falk’s Technique Atonale, Ernst Krenek’s Twelve-tone Counterpoint and Charles Seeger’s Dissonant Counterpoint”. Doctorate Extraordinary Prize 2009-2010. Higher degrees in Composition, Piano, Music Theory and Pedagogy.

As a composer, she has received assignments from different institutions and from a large number of soloists and ensembles. Her catalog expands for over sixty works including chamber music from de most varied tip of ensembles, orchestral and vocal works as well as a good number of solo compositions; most of them have been premiered and are regularly performed in important Cycles and International Festivals. Some of them have been compiled in CD in Spain and America and have been published in Spain and Germany. Radio Nacional (RNE2) devoted an entire program (“Inventario de Inventores”) to her music, which has been also recorded by Radio France (Fr. Musique) and WXEL National Public Radio (EEUU).

Author of the treatise “Técnicas Compositivas Antitonales. Estudio de tres tratados de contrapunto” (Editorial Piles), and the books “Charles Seeger: Tradición y Experimentación en la Nueva Música” (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), and with co-authoring Teresa Catalán “Música no Tonal: las propuestas de J. Falk y E. Krenek” (Universidad de Valencia). She has also published several articles and professional papers in magazines and publications related to universities.

She teaches courses and lectures regularly at festivals, institutions and conservatories. By competitive examination, she is a Titular professor of Counterpoint at the High Conservatory of Balearic Islands since 2001, and Head of its Composition Department since the academic year 2006/07.

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